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Steph DePrez is Berlin's in-demand opera singing comedian. She riffs on the ridiculous world of opera and life in Europe as a classical musician.

Steph has headlined YAAAS QUEEN!! (Berlin), The Mile High Stand-Up Show (Denver), and Hear Me Laugh (Vienna). Steph is a regular at Cosmic Comedy Berlin and she's been featured in GLOW, Crazy Stupid Berlin, Go West Comedy, That's What She Said, and Hamburg International Comedy. Berlin shows include New York Comedy Club, Love in Berlin, Hot and Bothered, Hoes of Berlin, Ratzeputz Comedy, Laughing Spree, Immigrant Comedy, and Click-Whirr. While based in Vienna, Stephanie performed with with N2O Comedy, Vienna Chuckles, Joke's On You, Polkadot Wien, and 4 Wieners. She's opened for Pernille Haaland and Tony Law.

Stephanie began telling jokes professionally in 2015 in Los Angeles. She trained with The Groundlings School and Upright Citizens Brigade, and was a frequent guest at the Ha Ha Cafe in North Hollywood. In 2020 she made her Comedy Works debut in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, and headlined Vienna's "Hear Me Laugh," part of Open House Theater's Hear Me Roar Festival for Female Creators.

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