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'Steph DePrez’s goal is for her audience to leave “opera curious” – a very achievable and lovely sentiment that she definitely accomplishes by the end of her show... Steph’s voice truly shines though in the Wagnerian and Verdi arias that she later sings. This is clearly her strength as an opera singer. Her powerful voice, piercing over the top of the luscious, thickly orchestrated music (this case a backing track) and the full might of her range in flight... it’s in the semi-Masterclass portion of her show that I am truly impressed. She talks about vocal physiology with great knowledge, so much so that I would happily send any of my students to her.'

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The Opera Comedy Show Poster (Instagram Post (Square)) (Facebook Cover) (9).png


Turning Wagner up to eleven! A hilarious dive into the ridiculous world of opera and life as a Valkyrie and Rheinmaiden, peppered with hits from Puccini and Verdi. With 22 shows in 25 days, Berlin’s thrilling opera singing comedian kicked off her first solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 to wild success.

"The Opera Comedy Show" is half-recital, half-stand-up comedy hour designed to convince ANYONE to give opera a try. 

Steph offers tips on how to tell your parents you're moving to Vienna to be a Valkyrie and reveals what it's like to audition for the biggest opera houses in Europe, alongside tales of navigating German Tinder. She invites you into a discovery of opera as an art form through song and humor, demonstrating how the classical voice works and performing popular hits.


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"DePrez is seeking to demystify opera, and strip away the thick crust of elitism and pretension which most people assume surrounds it. The charming, voluble singer performs (beautifully) a selection of famous arias from the likes of Tannhäuser, La bohème, and La forza del destino, while breaking down their context and the emotions being experienced by the character she’s embodying...  DePrez herself is an informative and patient guide. She never assumes any prior knowledge, and even demonstrates some techniques with some willing volunteers. And when she sings, the power and control she uses to be heard over a full orchestra in the concert halls of Berlin really pin back the ears in the basement of a pub in Tollcross."

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'Steph is STUNNING and the experience of watching her is a true joy. Made me fall back in love with opera.'

'Go see this show, you won’t regret it! Hilarious chats, heavenly singing. A real hidden gem.'

'An extremely talented performer who managed to take the fear out of Opera and infuse her love to the audience. Well worth a trip off the beaten track.'

'I really enjoyed this show, it was funny, entertaining, heard some excellent opera singing and learnt about operas. Highly recommend to visit this show.'

'A great show ! Beautiful arias sung by Steph with witty and educational insight into opera. We loved it.'

'Never thought of combining stand up comedy with Opera, but Steph pulls it off beautifully! We had a ton of laughs, learned a bit about opera, and, while I remain unlikely to ever attend the opera, Steph’s show was a hoot!'

'FANTASTIC! To take opera, something that we are all taught is uptight, and proper, and make it funny, casual and interactive, while giving beautiful, top-notch opera vocals, is something people shouldn’t miss. Treat yourself to this light hearted, amazing show! You will not regret it!'

'Saw this show yesterday and loved it! I have never been to a full opera and thought Steph brought her love of opera to life. Her fantastic voice was mesmerising. Well done Steph - we will definitely go to an opera now!!'

'An absolute hidden gem of the fringe! I knew nothing about opera and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Steph's voice and personality were incredible - an excellent blend of comedy and opera!'

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