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Welcome to the No-Fear Zone

Stephanie DePrez, a former high school music teacher turned opera singer/comedian, has guest lectured at UCLA and Regis Jesuit High School, and served as a keynote speaker for the Notre Dame Vision Conference in (four presentations, over a thousand participants). In 2018 she was the Graduate Commencement Speaker for UCLA's Herb Alpert School of Music. She was recently a guest on the Church Life Today podcast, speaking about the death of her mother Susie and the hope of Heaven, available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Stephanie weaves her message into stories from her experiences as a professional educator, opera singer, comedian and writer. She's available as a speaker and host both virtually and in person. 


The benefits of getting outside of your comfort zone

How to evaluate your skills and position yourself for the most growth

The value of pacing yourself in your career (and life!) to avoid getting down when the "wins" aren't coming

How to move to a new city, and a new situation, without a company or school community to "catch" you

Networking as value sharing 

"Slow down, you're doing fine": The necessity of rest and silence in a hustle and grind world, and how it opens you up to discover passions and better ways to work

Speaking: About
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